Numerology in the Bible

Every number that occurs in the Bible has some special significance and is related to something or someone. Study of these numbers which occur in the Bible is called Biblical numerology.

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Numbers are significant of God, man or have a spiritual meaning. An in-depth analysis of the occurrence of the numbers in the Bible reveals their importance and relevance of their occurrence. The number of times a particular word occurs in the Bible is also of great importance.

Gematria is a process of assigning numeral values to words or phrases and on study it is found that words with same gematria are related to each other or denote one particular thing. For example in Hebrew alphabets the first alphabet is Aleph and it is assigned the value one. It is observed that numbers in Bible are in a particular pattern, so their significance cannot be denied. For example the number one is symbolic of unity and uniqueness.

There is one Lord, one spirit, one faith and one body. Thus number one is God’s number and signifies God’s sufficiency and the fact that God is independent. That is why it is rightly said that one is a lonely number, it stands alone which means it is independent.

The number eleven denotes disorder and imperfection. Number 10 is representative of Divine perfection and number 12 of governmental perfection. 11 can be written as 10+1 or 12-1 and thus it denotes undoing of the Divine perfection and falling short of the governmental perfection.

Similarly every number that occurs in the Bible has some significance. But understanding this significance requires a deep study of the Bible and a casual reader will not be able to grasp the importance of these numbers. Numerology in the Bible is all about deciphering the relevance and importance of the Numbers.