Finance Software Review

The finance software for personal uses may come in handy when you need to track and monitor more than one account at a time. The excel spreadsheets serve the purpose but it becomes difficult when you need to organize statements from many number of months and change those statuses now and then. This becomes easy when personal finance software is installed. Some of the best personal finance softwares come along with the tool for integration of iPhone, iPad applications as well.

financeStoring financial information in the internet world helps you track them as and when needed irrespective the location. Hence it becomes important to use the software to the fullest potential.

Money, iFinance, Moneydance is the three popular finance softwares. There are certain features that need to be present in the finance softwares and only those products become popular among the masses. Search tool is one important feature when considering transaction related features.

You also need to take notes now and then and deal with multiple currencies. For those purposes, you will need support for multiple currencies, transaction notes support, account transfer, mobile transaction service, files attachment etc. All the above mentioned features are present in Money and iFinance software but the Money dance software does not give the option for attaching files.

Almost all the finance softwares come up with budget reports, tracking remaining budget, budget alerts, payment schedule, copying budget to next month etc. Banking options play a major role in financial software and important features for the users that are present in the softwares are importing banking data, password protection ensuring security and authentication, connecting with bank directly, printing checks etc. Finance software should also be able to track the investments.

All softwares should be capable of tracking assets, liabilities, shares, stock quotes, tax reports, net worth reports etc. Apart from the above, they should also be capable of connecting with your other Apple devices for interconnectivity. SEE finance, Moneywell, Quicken, Ace money, YNAB, Fortora fresh, splash money are some finance softwares that are used often, but only after Money, Money dance, iFinance. Thus your finance software should save you more time by doing all the processes in the background. You need to make sure to sync the software with all your devices.